Date Time Programs
14:00-14:20 Opening
Opening Speech
Kyunghoon Yi, Director of the NIHC
Welcoming Speech
Eung-Chon Choi, Administrator of Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea
 Jisung Kim, Director-General of UNESCO ICHCAP
Congratulatory Messages
UNESCO, City of Jeonju, etc.
14:12-14:50 Keynote Presentations

Intangible Cultural Heritage and its challenges to the Authorised Heritage Discourse

Laurajane Smith
Professor and Director of the Centre of Heritage and Museum Studies, Australian National University

The Role of Traditional Knowledge in Modern Society

Kyung-koo Han
Secretary-General of Korean National Commission for UNESCO


Session 1: Safeguarding and Transmitting Traditional Knowledge as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Moderator: Chul-In Yoo
Professor Emeritus, Jeju National University

Presentation 1

UNESCO’s 2003 Convention and Indigenous Heritage: How Can the 2003 Convention Support Indigenous Communities’ Food Sovereignty?

Janet Blake

Associate Professor, Shahid Beheshti University

Presentation 2

Resource Conservation and Utilization through Indigenous Knowledge in a Tribal Community in Odisha, India

Deepak Kumar Behera
Vice-Chancellor, Kalinga Institute of Social Science

Nibedita Nath

Associate Professor, Kalahandi University

Presentation 3

Protecting Transmission of Traditional Knowledge: From Legal Perspective

Soyoung Yook    
Professor and Dean of Chungnam National University

Presentation 4

Safeguarding Traditional Knowledge: International Recognition and its Role for a Sustainable Future

Peter Strasser
Professor and head of the Center for Cultural Property Protection, University for Continuing Education Krems

15:50-16:30 Panel Discussion 1

Date Time Programs
14:00-14:30 Special Lecture 1 The Systematic Discovery and Understanding Traditional Knowledge as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hahn-Sok Wang
Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University

14:30-15:30 Session 2: Traditional Knowledge and Sustainable Water Managemen

Moderator: Kyung-Taek Yim
Professor, Jeonbuk National University

Presentation 1 Traditional Irrigation knowledge and Water Management in Japan

Yama Yoshiyuki
Professor of Kwansei Gakuin University

Presentation 2 Implementation of Tri Hita Karana Philosophy for the Sustainability of the Subak Irrigation System in Bali, Indonesia

Wayan Windia
Professor and Head of Subak Research Centre, Universitas Udayana

Presentation 3 The Performance of Water Governance as Cultural Heritage in Peru

Michelle Nicholson-Sanz
Researcher, Leverhulme Trust

Presentation 4 Indigenous Knowledge of Farming Practices and Water Management in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka

Rekha Nianthi
Professor, University of Peradeniya

15:30-16:00 Panel Discussion 2
Date Time Programs
14:00-14:30 Special Lecture 2 Traditional Medicine as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Judith Farquhar
Max Palevsky Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago

14:30-15:30 Session 3: Understanding and Developing Traditional Medicine as Traditional Knowledge

Moderator: Taewoo Kim
Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University

Presentation 1 Restoring Faith in Native Healing: Guma Yo’amte

Zita Pangelinan
Co-Founder, Håya Cultural and Heritage Preservation Foundation

Presentation 2 Traditional Healing Practice in Thailand: Nuad Thai as Intangible Cultural Heritage

Prapoj Petrakard
Advisor of Folk Healer Network Society

Presentation 3 The safeguarding of the health system associated with the Traditional Knowledge of the Jaguar Shamans of Yuruparí, in Colombia

Martín Andrade-Pérez
Researcher, Erigaie Foundation

Presentation 4 Traditional Medicinal Knowledge and Practices in Syria

Rasha Barhoum,
Executive Assistant, Syria Trust for Development

5:30-16:00 Panel Discussion 3 and Closing Ceremony